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A Complete Guide to Shower Installation and What to Consider Beforehand

Installing a shower enclosure is the perfect option for a bathroom. A shower cabin is a place for taking a shower that takes up less space in terms of scale, saves water, and has a wide variety of functions.

The advantage of showers over bathtubs is that they are much smaller, which saves space in the bathroom. And the water consumption is also much less.

What to Know About installation of Shower?

If you have purchased a shower enclosure, you need to order an excellent service to install it properly.

Each shower cabin has its characteristics during installation (dimensions, mounting methods, different details). A shower cabin consists of a shower tray, a door, a cabin cover, a wall, and side panels.

Also, with prolonged use, the shower cabin may fail.

The most frequent breakdowns of shower cabins:

  • pallet cracked;
  • malfunction of the rollers on the door;
  • damaged faucets or hoses.

High-quality installation of shower eliminates the possibility of breakage. It is one reason to entrust the installation of a shower enclosure to a professional service.

Types of Showers and Their Installation Processes

According to the type of construction, there are: corner showers are equipped with only two curtains and closed straight and corner boxes. The latter is installed in the corner of the room, while the bathroom walls will also be the shower room’s walls. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the waterproofing of the walls.

As for closed showers, they are most often equipped with various functions that require the connection of electricians. Note that the power cable link in the bathroom must be done very carefully.

Installation of a shower cabin consists of the following steps:

  • First, this is the assembly of the shower cabin.
  • A pallet is installed and leveled.
  • Then, the assembly of the upper part of the shower cabin is carried out.
  • After that, the plumber processes silicone in the necessary places.
  • The cabin is assembled according to the instructions.
  • Then the cabin is connected to the sewer, and the mixer is installed.
  • After that, the shower cabin is connected to the mains.

Why Is It Important to Use the Services of Professional Shower Installers?

Is it true that the thought of self-installation of a shower cabin visited you?

Remember that more than the instructions for installing a shower cabin is needed. Moreover, manufacturers often invest in the package only in the external pattern of the shower.

Even if you want to install a simple pallet with curtains, it will be challenging to do without a shower installer.

The masters will install the shower cabin by safety standards and strictly according to the instructions. A professional shower installers, unlike an independent one, will not lead to leaks and premature breakdowns. The master plumber will assemble and install the shower cabin correctly and quickly, saving you from difficulties.

How Much Does a Shower Installation Cost in Toronto?

The cost of installing a shower cabin depends on the complexity of the installation.

There are ordinary and increased complexity of installation of shower cabins or boxes. At the same time, the type of construction, the presence of additional functions, and the need to connect electricians are considered.

Note that local services have slightly cheaper maintenance than large companies, while they do not differ in quality. To know exact shower installation cost, contact the site manager in any way convenient for you.