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Condo bathroom reno or a combined bathroom involves the implementation of a set of works that require a certain level of qualification and experience. High requirements for the quality of repairs are determined by the operating conditions: important communications are laid in the bathroom and toilet, the premises are exposed to humidity.

Superbreno provides condo bathroom renovation in all areas of Toronto. We have the necessary equipment in our arsenal to quickly and efficiently make the most complex bathroom and bathroom repairs at an affordable price.

The main inconvenience when carrying out repairs in the bathroom is the lack of access to water, as it may be necessary to re-wire the plumbing or periodically turn off hot and cold water. Of course, our Superbreno craftsmen are able to do everything with minimal disturbance to the people currently living in the apartment, but you need to be prepared that during the repair of the bathroom there may be problems with access to water and performing the usual hygiene procedures.

What do you get by ordering a bathroom renovation in a company?

You can order both a simple condo bathroom renovation contractor, and a turnkey renovation. We approach the repair of a bathroom of any size, as well as the repair of houses, apartments and offices in general, with the same responsibility.

You can be sure of the accuracy of our workers during construction work, maintaining cleanliness in the premises, the safety and integrity of property, and surface cladding in rooms where repairs are not being carried out.

As with the repair of an apartment as a whole, we will offer you to sign an agreement in which all conditions will be stipulated. All work will be guaranteed for up to 2 years.

We value our customers and set the main task of bringing their desires to life, therefore, after repairing a room, customers often turn to us again to repair other premises.

Complete Superbreno bathroom renovation

Condo bathroom renovation in Toronto allows you to radically change not only the appearance of the room, but also make redevelopment: connectseparate a bath with a toilet, increase the area, put a Jacuzzi or a shower instead of a bathtub.

Overhaul of a combined bathroom or separate baths and a toilet consists of the following steps:

  • dismantling of obsolete coatings, plumbing, pipes;
  • installation of partitions or their demolition;
  • alignment of walls and ceiling with putty;
  • leveling the floor with a mechanized screed;
  • replacement of pipes and electrical wiring;
  • laying tiles and other finishing works;
  • plumbing installation;
  • door installation;
  • final decorative finish;
  • installation of furniture, lighting.

Comprehensive renovation of the bathroom is always accompanied by a large amount of construction debris. Our contractor carries out garbage collection and cleaning after the completion of repair work.